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A step-by-step guide to Facebook promotion

Facebook promotion is a great way to gain followers, fame, and profit from the world’s most popular social network. In the Russian segment, it is not presented as brightly as in the world, but the traffic still allows it to attract hugely. Wide promotion tools make it possible to create a full-fledged Facebook promotion strategy, the main thing is to be able to use them. Step-by-step instructions will help you navigate, understand where to start and what nuances to pay attention to in the process, buy facebook post likes.

Create your Facebook profile cover
In fact, the face of a page is its avatar and header, that is, the cover. It is important to pay attention to them even before starting a full-fledged promotion of a page on Facebook: the appearance of a profile determines how visitors will perceive you, and this will inevitably affect your reputation and image. In addition to the obvious — the hat should be aesthetically pleasing in appearance, in good resolution and appropriate for your theme — you can consider several options that the social network offers.

Static cover. The most popular traditional option is to use a simple image for the cover. The main thing here is to choose a picture that will fit the theme of your page, match your avatar and be of the right size. Remember that today PC users often access the web from widescreen monitors, on which the image of small size or resolution will not look good. Some people advertise a product in the cover: by clicking on it, a description will be displayed, where you can enter a link to sell it. In this case, it is better to make links short, shortened using special services.

Animated cover. This feature is only available to commercial accounts. It can be used when promoting a company on Facebook, but not a simple user. When this option is selected, a video with a resolution of 820 x 312 pixels and a length of 20–90 seconds will be used as the cover. You can select videos from media already uploaded to the social network, or from files on your computer. Try to use good quality videos that will impress the user, but do not tire of excessive intrusiveness. In the same way, you can advertise a product or service, present new items and show your most successful products. There will be no sound in the video.

Static avatar. The avatar must be in harmony with the rest of the design and be at least 170 x 170 pixels in size. However, it is recommended to choose larger images for it — so when you open the picture will be larger and more beautiful, will make a better impression. You can use a capacious photo on the topic, a logo, or something else that should be associated with your profile in the eyes of the user. When promoting a business on Facebook, this can be a trademark, a blogger’s photograph.

Animated avatar. Unlike the cover, an avatar can only be animated on a personal page. You can add animation only through the application for mobile devices using the «Remove new profile video / Add profile video» button in the personal page settings. When promoting on FB, an animated avatar will help grab the attention of a visitor, especially if the video is shot competently and attractively. There is also no sound in it.

Avatar merged with the cover. A beautiful and sleek option that works well for promotion on Facebook is to upload a merged avatar and cover image, when one image seems to transition into another. It looks unusual and stylish, attracts the eye, but the social network itself does not allow such a function. You need to use third-party services or crop images yourself in graphic editors. This option is suitable only for personal profiles, corporate avatar and header are located differently, and smooth flow will not work.

Step 2. Short page address
Short URL of Facebook page
In order for users to remember your account better, you need to specify a short address: capacious, understandable, containing the name of the company, the blogger’s nickname, or the first and last name of a public person. It is configured in the Information section of the page settings. It can be changed later if necessary, so don’t worry that you won’t be able to come up with a suitable one the first time.

Step 3. Selecting and editing a template
Editing a Facebook Template
When promoting a business on Facebook, you can use ready-made page templates focused on specific topics and areas. Non-profit organizations, shops, service companies, offline establishments — the choice is large, among the options there is something that will fit your business. The template, in particular, includes standard tabs, which can later be changed and deleted depending on what you need.

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